Fly Fishing and Fly Casting Entropy or Evolution

Fly Fishing and Fly Casting Entropy or Evolution


Fly Fishing and Fly Casting Entropy or Evolution

Fly fishing and fly casting entropy or evolution is alive and well all over the country! In large part, it is due to the lack of conveying and sharing quality information. There is plenty of quantitative information that is severely lacking quality! It was shocking the other night to view the simple topic of how to make a static roll cast and see the Google results. It is no wonder the degradation is apparent all over the country with so much bad info online! No wonder so many folks struggle with implementing proper mechanics of roll casting! Which one do you trust when you cannot tell the difference?  This ensures entropy of fly casting is strong! The main reason I love staying in teaching for all of these years is to share information that helps to evolve where the sport is headed.


Economic Impact of Fly Fishing Western NC

Fly fishing has made a huge economic impact in my area since the early ’90s with the introduction of the Delayed Harvest trout waters. The economic impact studies for my area claim it is now a $170 million dollar a year industry in the western region. With these programs also came the brick and mortar shops to capitalize on the excess tourist dollars. Most of the guides will work for whoever, where ever, and whenever. The guide turnover rate is very high. Most shops need a body to occupy space on the books. The consumer has no idea what they will be getting. This has helped to turn Western NC into a circus show on the water. Many advertise fly fishing trips and then run over half of their trips with spinning rods. You can imagine how much help they can be for fixing a fly casting issue. Sure it has to be a daunting task for the consumer to decide where to book because they all claim to be the best and have the most experienced people. Who can deliver on bringing you the customer the greatest value for your experience? After all, it is really all about you!

Passion and Optimism Is All About You

We receive hundreds of folks throughout the year that defer to the next season because they seem to have too many things going on. In this hurried paced life, there is no better method for unplugging and getting back to the great outdoors for learning about the nuances of angling. Life decisions are really about priorities. If you want to master something it will take goals and hard work to attain those goals. The genie of the Fly Fishing Guide School is that it brings exponential value for attaining these goals at a very rapid pace.

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? -John Wooden

Every great angler I have met has phenomenal passion and optimism about their journey as a fly fisher. Without passion and optimism, it remains doubtful you ever reap the seamlessly unlimited beauty what the sport may offer. The late John Wooden has some great quotes for those chasing excellence. I have been a Wooden fan since childhood. His motivational prowess as a coach and mentor leaves so much for future generations. Society has dealt with folks that are masterful at procrastination for centuries. It is nothing new.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” -John Wooden

What Does A Guide Do?

What does a guide do seems like a loaded question for sure? For some, it is all about entertainment over learning anything new. You can get a feel for this quickly if you struggle with distance, knots, curves, and other nuances of fly casting. Did you get the proper information to correct the problem in an instant? If not, chances are you went for the Groupon discount special. These discounted types of trips are evident all over and they all claim the same thing in advertising. Most of the business models taught during the school discuss the pros and cons of remaining independent or helping out at a shop. One will be profitable as the sky is the limit! The other will remain limited because you will fill the books for someone else’s profit.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” -John Wooden

Does the guide help you to watch bobbers all day thrown a few feet past the oar because your casting looks the same at the end of the day as when you showed up? Often it is not the consumers’ fault at all because they do not know what they need. The fluffies that run trips purely for a seat in the boat are directly responsible for the fly fishing entropy all over the globe. The good guides consistently end up teaching the most to make you better throughout the day which leads to much greater numbers of fish landed. You the consumer need to have some basic goals as well planned out.


Jon with a wild brown on the last cast of the last day of the November 2018 Fly Fishing Guide School. Optimism could not have happened in a better way!

Synergy Work Ethic for Evolution

There are many small facets that help to make up fly fishing as a whole. Think of the sport as many small steps to get down for deeper enrichment overall of the sport of fly fishing. The early stages require you to learn to fish in control that translates into short distances. This enables you to seal the deal on hooksets. The techniques, tactics, strategies, and line control of mending and fly casting will all become better as you progress. It is impossible to go from zero to hero in a day in the sport of fly fishing.

The best method for progressing overall is to have a mentor, coach, and instructor to reach these future steps. Self-taught fly fishers are on a very slow track for reaching a higher level of skill. Many folks have been at it for decades and are still at the beginner level. Many big brand organizations will tell you how easy fly fishing really can be. The reality is it will take some work on your part to attain a deeper appreciation of the sport. Learn to practice with a purpose! Just look at the state of affairs with fly casting proficiency all over the country and you will realize it needs a serious boost.

Fluffies in Fly Fishing

Many will quit the sport in short order with the “it is so simple” approach because it is complex to do it well! The mediocre, good enough crowd and fluffies will always make up the majority of our sport in America. These are the crowds your big brand chains, magazines, hashtag sensations, tweeters, and Facebook fluffies feed on overall. Most of our biggest icons in the sport offered the same injustice with such flawed mechanics that many followed along without question. Just look at my region of the country where social media is driven by pellet trout in controlled private waters. What is the difference between that scenario and a private trout pond? These disillusioned fly fishers will remain to have all the gear and no idea. They make up the majority of the folks’ windshield wiper casting huge loops an oar length away from the boat. Hence, the circus show keeps perpetuating onward. If you are going to work in the industry help evolve it or get out of the way. Growing more fluffies is always a step towards perpetual entropy!

Fly Fishing Guide School and Evolving the Sport Forward

There are skills and tasks in every aspect of fly fishing. The Fly Fishing Guide School prides itself with the best and most experienced folks around. They have a genuine desire to move others forward! The biggest step to changing the mediocrity all over the states which are fueled by retail which lack in educational aspects is to create more efficient mentors for changing and inspiring others. Sharing information is what it is all about. Fly casting and fly fishing is one of the most awesome journeys there is because it puts your office in some of the most beautiful areas around! If you instill excellence with those you meet and come in contact with then you are raising the bar one student at a time.

Many wish to take this journey to improve their personal skills while for others they wish to make it their office on the stream helping others improve. Both are significant for moving the bar higher for future generations.